Saturday, December 4, 2010

50 Days of Being Away

Travels of 2010

This year has been eventful in terms of leaving home. I’ve packed my bags and headed to the airport, packed it and headed to the railway station, packed my bags once again and headed to the bus station, packed it and even gotten into a car. A lot of packing of the same things, a lot of moving around and a lot of good memories stored in pictures and my mind.

So it went like this.

1. February – Shimla-Chandigarh (1 week)

2. April – Goa (1 week)

3. May – Kerala (2 weeks)

4. June – Pune (2 weeks)

5. September – Pune (again) (4 days)

6. September – Goa (again) (4 days)

7. December – Pune (and again) (expected 4 days)

And that brings me to a total of 50 days away from this city and away from my own bed.

Let’s see how 2011 goes.

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