Sunday, May 1, 2011


They say that the wait is more important than the time that it follows. And even more important is how one spends the time during this period of wait, because in reality, the period of wait is actually a mask for a period of doing. Making the most of those moments is what defines the significance of the events that are yet to happen.

It is the time when all your learning and education goes to test. It is when the patience of a man must overcome his greed and desire for things.

Developing the mind is what this time is for. The more time one has, should be directly proportional to the noticeable growth of the mind. Waiting for something to happen is a lie. What it really means is ‘making’ what you want happen. You can wait all your life, but what you want, may never happen. But if you travel through this time with self-improvement, you will, reach your destination.

Now you know how to wait. It’s your move!