Friday, March 18, 2011


Writing to me is a very personal practice. Whether its writing in private diary or writing on a public platform where the material is freely available to thousands and hundreds of people, like the Internet, the whole writing process possesses a similar approach. Honestly, honesty is the ingredient most sought out in my personal writing endeavors. The written material just cannot be of any good if it isn’t honest. It would probably be just something put together to fill up some spatial needs.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

For the Ones:

:Majority of life is meant to be spent with n00bs.

In those few years of ones prime, one finds a handful of those who are like the aforementioned one, the 1337’s. All such people know how really low in number they are around the world and know of the craving of the nubbins to reach the status that was gradually built by the ones. It wasn’t an overnight meme that just took off; it was years of hard work. The ones are ones who earned the position; they lived for it and by it for they were one of the few.

But the truth is that it really is a lonely world out for the ones. Yes, as retarded as it may seem, they category is so niche that I’m forced to pluralize a prime number to fit them in a category. Deep, very deep.

Being a part of them is a right for those like them. They read, they are state-of-the-art packages of everything that there is to know in their world. They may not be in the best of shape, but every job has its evils.

Today when I Google my name (yes, Lol), I am happy, but this happiness was earned by me, it didn’t give the same results back in 2001.